Unified Butterfly Recorder
Data storage and Vizualization Tool

Mobile Application


The current Unified Butterfly Recorder application allows even the amateur butterfly hunter to go on surveys, and is available for iOS and Android devices. UBR provides a complete professional butterfly sighting recording device, with significant potential for use as a research tool. For the moment the data gold mine is still closed, and users have no way to share their findings with the butterfly community. Our project aims to provide a framework for storing and sharing data so that UBR's users can pool their resources and become a part of the research community.


Flutr is our companion website for the UBR app. Here users will be able to log in and view their surveys both as raw data and as a multitude of visualization options. Below are two examples of the visualizations we plan to provide with Flutr. The first one is a Google Maps display showing a real survey that was taken in Reiman Gardens. Following is a dynamic d3.js chart displaying contents of a csv file.

Upload Breadcrumbs and Sightings CSVs

Development Blog

Our project is designed with maintainability and repeatability in mind. We have decided to create a blog site using jekyll to document our research and the discoveries we make over the year.

The development blog will include the following topics

  • Research
  • Tutorials
  • Development Experiences
  • Agile Experiences



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